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Welcome to Gustman Honda in Appleton WI


I would like to thank your very informative, helpful and wonderful Service Staff at Gustman Honda in Appleton, WI for their good advise in guiding me in how, when and what I needed to get repaired on my Honda Odyssey Van vehicle and with their completion of my vehicle being totally repaired and restored to excellent running condition. Your Gustman Honda staff went above and beyond in helping me in their servicing of my Honda Odyssey Van. I am so happy with the quality of work, the end results, and it being done in a timely manner. Along with being friendly, helpful, informative and knowledgeable about their Gustman Honda Dealership products and type of services they had to offer and in their explanation of what work I needed to have done and how they would go about doing their service work on my vehicle. Your staff at Gustman Honda in Appleton offered me a free loaner car, as they always do, whenever I need to have my vehicle being serviced by them without cost. I am so very grateful and thankful for this part of their service perks! Along with their Preferred Customer Card oil change perks punch card, saying that after I purchase 5 oil changes with Gustman Honda in Appleton, WI I will receive my 6th oil change, FREE! This is awesome! I would highly recommend to other people needing service for their vehicles to get it done at Gustman Honda in Appleton, WI! Have a great day!

Judy Uitenbroek
Appleton, WI
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Why Choose Gustman Honda?
At Gustman Honda in Appleton, WI, our philosophy is simple: We sell and service the cars we love, in a city we love, to people we love. Our professional team of management, service and salespeople work hand in hand to accommodate the specific needs of the citizens of the Fox Valley, a community we’re proud to be a part of. Accordingly, we believe that the trusting relationship between buyer and seller contributes to this sense of community, and is the reason why we strive to cultivate relationships that endure long after you drive your new or pre-owned Honda off the lot. With a dedication to fairness and loyalty, and a Certified Honda service center that is reasonable and efficient, we at Gustman Honda in Appleton, WI, appreciate your continued business, and can’t wait to see you again and again.

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